This presentation is about one of earth related feature that Quran has addressed in chapter 86 verses 12-13 (Arabic text is given at the bottom of the page). Allah says in these verses “(I swear) by Heaven / clouds which give rain and the earth which splits”. The word “Sad-ay” in these versus means “cracking, fracturing, or splitting apart”. So, Allah’s swearing by the splitting / cracking or fracturing of the earth points to an important phenomenon that the crust of the earth underwent and is still undergoing. The extensive studies of the earth crust, both continental and oceanic, by various scientists / geologists indicated that the external surface of the earth was split by large number of cracks or fissures. However, there was a general understanding that the majority of such fissures were concentrated near the surface of the earth and they did not extend so deep because of the changing characteristics of rocks with depth. No reliable technique was available to verify that notion. Moreover, even if they had existed in the subsurface, the real challenge would have been to determine their location, intensity and dimensions.