The overarching objective of this article is to study and integrate the accumulated evidence that survey the causes and consequences of abusive supervision in work organizations. This research work also tries to examine the influence of abusive supervision on Emotional Exhaustion and Work Alienation. The study uses survey research method. This study is primary in nature, using a questionnaire tool for the data collection. Data is collected from 100 employees of different organizations working in Pakistan like Armed Forces, Health Sector, Marketing, Finance and Administration. Regression and Correlation analysis are used to measure the relationship between the dependent and independent variable. Analysis shows that abusive supervision has positive impact on emotional exhaustion and Work Alienation. Thus in conclusion the employees’ mental health and job satisfaction are affected due to Abusive Supervision. A survey was conducted in different sectors such as, Health, Government, Semi-government and schools located at Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The study investigated and applied PL-SEM to discuss the positive effects of abusive supervision of subordinates on Emotional Exhaustions and Employees’ Work Alienation within the service-based organization of Pakistan. Our empirical results revealed that abusive supervision significantly affects Emotion