COVID-19 is single stranded positive polarity RNA with a helical nucleocapsid and 2 serotypes - OC43 and 229E. Molecular and antibody based test are available in clinical practice and no specific curative therapy available for COVID-19. The term corona refers to prominent crown protruding spikes and the other members of this family are picornaviruses, hepeviruses, caliciviruses, flaviviruses, togaviruses, retroviruses, and coronaviruses. There are different protocols and techniques used to prevent this highly contagious disease. However, Quran educate us more than guidelines (revealed 2010-230 AC) “keep clothes clean in one of the earliest revelations” (74:4); “God loves those who are clean” (2:222); “to be generous to kin” (16:90); “treat the elderly with compassion” (17:23); “they are temporary hardships to strengthen us” 2:153-157. These preaching’s guide Muslims about challenges of life’s that strengthen faith and body. Additionally, COVID can be prevented by the maintenance of good personal hygiene. Our holy Prophets also said “Cleanliness is half of faith”. Prophet Muhammad said “When Allah (SWT) loves someone, he tries him with hardships”; “wash hands before and after eating, bath at least once a week, brush teeth daily, and to groom nails and private parts”. Islam advises to show resilience in hardship, with sufficient strength. Additionally, the emergence or recognition of new disciplines i.e. phylogeography, biogeography, epidemiology, genealogy, phylogeny and biological communities is another achievement during COVID-19. The safety and prevention practices including PPE, quarantine, social distance, immunization, vaccine passport, routine practice, personal hygiene etc got worldwide recognition. Additionally, the mankind received reminding that belonging to Adam & Eve, one family, single unit and same specie on the face of earth. COVID also gave us understanding that we have same patho-physiology, anatomic structure and biochemical system. We have the emotional, psychological and metaphysical demands/ desires. We have same intellectual capacity, emotional pattern and divine makeup. We live in under same environmental with common challenges all around the world. We can’t ignore anything happening around the world including Wuhan, Kashmir, Ukraine, Chines Uyghurs, Rohingian Muslims and Afghanistan. Additionally, the collective effort work successfully to handle COVID like challenges. The mankind can live peacefully with respect, harmony and honor. We can also deal with such ordeals and challenges. The toxins, pathogens and infectious agents are created by Allah and give us reasons to work hard and pray to Him get covers and healing. Five daily prayers help us to maintain the physical, emotional and spiritual connection with Allah along with cleanliness of body and spirit. Our Prophet give us guidelines to minimize the spread of airborne infection. Holy Prophet, suggest to not traveling to and/ or leave (Quarantine) the afflicted area to avoid spreading of infection (Sahih Bukhari). That technique used by WHO and Center of Disease Control CDC during COVID-19. Thus in conclusion, the epidemiological data collected, processed and analyzed worldwide first time in history and then published in real time. The cross sectional research studies conducted at local, national and international level. The epidemiologist, pharmacists, health professionals, government official, computer scientists, media reporters and health authorities work in best possible manner during these three years. The vaccine is designed, developed, and launched in shortest possible time in history. Thus, the outbreak of COVID-19 is great warning for mankind that taught us many important lessons. We can establish peace, justice, harmony and equality all around the world by having the fear of Allah, mercy for compromised population and understanding real teaching of Quran.

Keywords: COVID-19, Waring, Lesson of Allah.  

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