Modification Of Magnetic Characteristics Of Polycrystalline Nife Films At The Irradiation Laser Pulses And Formation Of Regular Structure Of Magnetic Nanoislands


This paper presents the results of experimental measurements of magnetic properties of thin NiFe films after irradiation with nanosecond laser pulses. The results showed that there is an optimal energy in the laser pulse, at which the magnetic film characteristics vary the most. For the film of 500 nm thick at magnetic susceptibility m for a Nd:YAG laser at l=1064 nm increased almost 3 times, and the coercive force Hc decreased about two. For the excimer laser at l=248 nm, we have received an increase in the magnetic susceptibility m almost ten times while a decrease in the coercive force Hc was 5-6 times. The results suggest the importance of non-thermal effects of laser radiation in the process of changing the structure and magnetic properties of magnetic films. All this shows that with the help of laser radiation it is possible to form a regular structure of nanoislands in thin magnetic nanocrystalline films.