The “Advanced Calculation and Analysis” is constituted by Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery & Technology Development Incorporation (ICDTD Inc.), Saskatchewan Canada. It is an annually published broad-spectrum, peer-reviewed journal circulated electronically. Advanced Calculation and Analysis cover a wide spectrum of Bioinformatics, Applied mathematics, Statistical analysis, Computation and regression, Compartment and module analysis, Algebraic Topology, BCK Algebra, Semi Rings, Control Theory, Fied Point Theory, Geo Mathematics, Group Theory and Algebraic Modeling, Industrial Mathematics, Radical Theory of Rings, Real Analysis, Algebra, Complete Analysis and Differential Geometry, Mechanics, Topology and Functional Analysis, Advanced Analysis, Methods of Mathematical Physics, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Statistics, Computer Applications, Group Theory, Rings and Modules, Number Theory, Fluid Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Special Theory of Relatity and Analytical Mechanics, Electromagnetic Theory, Operations Research, Theory of Approimation and Splines, Advanced Functional Analysis, Solid Mechanics, Theory of Optimization.
The Editorial Board of Advanced Calculation and Analysis takes a very active role in selecting and refereeing papers, ensuring the best quality of contemporary applications. Subscription of this Journal is free of charge. Articles will appear individually as soon as be accepted and are ready for circulation.