Advanced Food and Nutritional Sciences is publishing reliable reviews and high quality original articles in all areas of food and nutrition. We are especially interested in manuscripts reporting on inter-disciplinary studies at the cross-sections between different business modules as under;

        I.            Advanced Food Processing Technologies
      II.            Food Toxicology,  Biotechnology and Nutrition
    III.            Diabetes Nutrition, Obesity and Weight loss,
    IV.            Food Chemical and Process Engineering
      V.            Health and Molecular Nutrition 
    VI.            Malnourishment and Nutritionist Communications

The further detail regarding the scope of Advanced Food and Nutritional Sciences is as under

·     Advanced Food Processing Technologies

·        Amino acid Supplements

·         Animal & Plant Nutrition

·         Bodybuilding Nutrition

·         Celery Nutrition

·         Childhood Obesity

·         Clinical Sports Nutrition

·         Creatine Sports Nutrition

·         Dates Nutrition

·         Diabetes Nutrition

·         Dietary Intake

·         Eating Disorders

·         Fatigue Disorders

·         Fermentation Technology

·       Fitness Nutrition

·         Food Addiction

·         Food Allergy Studies

·       Food Biotechnology Studies

·      Food Biotechnology and Nutrition

·   Food Chemical Engineering

·         Food Fortification

·         Food Intolerance

·         Food Nanotechnology

·         Food Process Engineering

·         Food Processing

·         Food Production

·         Food Safety regulations

·         Food Science

·         Food Security/ Safety

·         Food Technology

·         Food Toxicology

·         Gym Suppliments

·         Health Nutrition

·         Herbal Supplements

·         Human Nutrition

·         Iodine Deficiency Disorders

·         Malnourishment

·         Malnutrition

·         Mass Spectrometry in Food Technology

·         Molecular Nutrition

·         Natural Suppliments

·         Nutrient Deficiencies

·         Nutrigenomics

·         Nutrition Cancer

·         Nutrition Economics

·         Nutrition Sport Fitness

·         Nutrition and Diabetes

·         Nutrition and Food Sciences

·         Nutrition in Developing Countries

·         Nutritional Epidemiology

·         Nutritional Values

·         Nutritionist Communications

·         Oatmeal Nutrition

·         Obesity Prevention

·         Obesity and Weightloss

·         Potato Nutrition

·         Protein Diet

·         Protein Suppliments

·         Public Health Nutrition

·         Sonic Nutrition

·         Sports Nutrition

·         Sports Nutrition Suppliments

·         Vitamin B12 Deficiency

·         Vitamin Supplement

We believe that this broad scope of Advanced Food and Nutritional Sciences reflects well the ever-increasing merging between account, finance and management.

The journal will mainly publish primary research papers with findings of unusual significance and broad scientific interest. The main criteria for weighing the appropriateness of a manuscript are its originality and novelty, potential significance and interest to the field, and robustness of data. Our goal is to develop Advanced Business and Finance into an influential group journal and provide a high profile venue for dissemination of highly significant scientific findings, alternative to the existing ones.

Review articles, letters and commentaries on timely topics are also welcome, and proposals for submitting such pieces will be considered in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief. Online peer review is used to increase the efficiency of paper handling.