The Journal of Applied Pharmacy (JAP) is constituted by Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery & Technology Development Inc. It is a quarterly published broad-spectrum, peer-reviewed pharmaceutical journal circulated electronically via the web.  JAP publishes the manuscripts describing the analytical  characterization, discovery, methodologies, and production of drugs or pharmaceutical products and their systematic utilization with respective therapeutic outcomes. Articles dealing with agents or topics of natural products and semi-synthetic derivatives are also encouraged.Manuscripts will be published as original research papers, reviewed articles, case reports, peer reviews, and short communications. The primary criteria for acceptance and publication are scientific rigor and potential to advance the field. Manuscripts that report the results of experimental investigation with human subjects must include informed consent. We accept the articles that cover the research areas of pharmaceutics, physical pharmacy, dosage forms science, pharmaceutical microbiology & immunology, industrial pharmacy, bio-pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, instrumentation, medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy, physiology &histology, anatomy, pathology, pharmacology & therapeutics, pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical mathematics and  biostatistics, dispensing, community, social & administrative pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical quality management, forensic pharmacy, pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical management and marketing. 

The “Journal of Applied Pharmacy” has unique features as under:
1. Open access for everyone.
2. Free submission and processing.
3. Rapid publishing decision.
4. Peer review from experts.
5. Constituted by a perspective, Canadian organisation.
6. Provide a forum for scientists to exchange information, promote better knowledge management and encourage research attitude all over the world.
7. Having a wide scope to publish peer reviewed research manuscripts in the developing field of sciences.

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